Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 304

I want to kill my brother.


Because his birthday was yesterday, and he turned the big 21. And he insisted that I drink with him.

Can you imagine why I want to kill him?

Work has been pure torture today. Cross-eyed exhaustion, nausea, sensitivity to smell, and a required homage to the porcelain god.

More birds have died, this time in Louisiana. And this time there are a variety of bird species who have kicked the bucket.

The video I watched on CNN - and have linked - was actually a little upsetting, because they kept playing video of dead birds being ran over by cars and - even worse - little birdies who were near death, just panting on the side of road.

So all the birds are being taken to labs to see what the eff is going on.


Zee and I have decided on what we're doing for her mid-term leave! And I'm SO SUPER EXCITED!!

We're staying here!

Because of my job, I can't take two weeks off for an international vacation. Instead I'm eking out a very long weekend to spend with my girl. And she had the great idea of going and staying in a cabin!

So we'll take a drive up to Gatlinburg to stay in the mountains, soak in hot tubs, take hikes, and eat delicious food.

I am so excited! Time can't go by fast enough!

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