Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 284

I think I might need to start doing one of those blog memes, like Wordless Wednesday or What The Fuck Tuesday or Happy Hour Friday or Shut Up Sunday... *ahem*

If I'm to keep up with writing every single day for an entire year, I need to find something meaningful and somewhat interesting to keep this going.

And sometimes that's very difficult to do.

I really didn't want this to be a blog about just my daily life. What I had for breakfast isn't particularly interesting - unless you're a raving maple syrup oatmeal fan - so I want to stay away from that.

I'd rather give tips on things like exercising that I'm learning through experience.

I'd rather complain about how it's taking the military foreeeeeeeever to get the repeal rolling on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

I'd rather give an account of surviving deployment from the point of view of a gay partner for all the other gay partners of soldiers. Not that any of them read this blog. Not that experiencing loss and separation during a deployment is any different across sexuality. Soooo... I'm not really sure if this is a valid goal for my blog.

I'd rather recap news stories for the day.

I'd rather review books I'm reading.

I'd rather talk about spiritual subjects.

....I am currently reading a really awesome book of an interview with a Persian spiritual leader from the early 1900's. His faith is called Baha-i (with a bunch of interesting puncuation), which is essentially the bridge between Christianity and Islam. And in the books, he answers general questions about faith, spirituality, and religion from the point of view of Baha-i. You end up feeling like you have a greater understanding of both Christianity and Islam by studying these subjects through the eyes of a third.


Today I will make my blog a complaint.

My complaint is against Blogger and it's automatic HTML. Because even after I edit it manually, it likes to go in after me and change it back. I literally have to wrestle with it to get the font size I want.

And even though it's pretty much only the font size that I have issues with, it happens SO DAMN MUCH that I can't help but be strongly irritated.

Damn you, Blogger.

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