Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 305

First I want to say that things are improving with Zee and I. Communication has been a lot better this week - mostly cuz she's bored as hell and has decent access to some office-place-thing-something where she can chat online with me and occasionally call me for 10 minutes at a time.

I have to say, I am at my absolute happiest when I'm talking with her. And not just talking, but debating (arguing?), reasoning, compromising, believing, trusting, daring, and feeling. I walk away feeling full of purpose, and when we talk next, it's always better than the last time.

And maybe it's feeling so much better now because we've gone to unlimited communication to the few minutes here and there. But regardless, I love it. I love her. I love us.

In other news...

Has anybody ever heard of anything like what has been going on in Arkansas???

Now, this trips me up, because only Red-winged Blackbirds fell from the sky - almost all at once - on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day.

And only Drum Fish washed up on the shores on a river in Arkansas.

And HOW does that happen??

Scientists are conjecturing that lightning or New Year Fireworks could have killed the birds.

Ok, sure. Fireworks. Lightning. Fine.

If it were lighting or fireworks, wouldn't that have affected all birds in the area? How did it affect only that one flock that was apparently thousands strong??

And what is the likelihood of not even a week later, a hundred thousand fish died - but only one kind of fish! They're saying it's disease that caused them to die.

Ok, sure. Disease. Fine.

But, again - what is the likelihood of a hundred thousand fish contracting the same fucking disease and dying overnight that no other fish caught.

Now, I'm not worried about God smiting us all. And I'm not worried about some crazy disease or M. Night Shyamalan-like scenario.

I'm just worried about whatever the fuck Arkansas is doing wrong, because they are right next to Tennessee.
If they are fucking shit up, it's likely that we are next.

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