Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 291

17 Days of the New Year are gone! Yes!

This Saturday, I'm seeing the Barnum & Bailey Circus with my mom and sister!

Next Saturday, I'm seeing my wifey Heather in Knoxville!

And I've lost weight!!

I was feeling disheartened, because it seems like, the more I workout, the harder it is. I feel like I'm just getting wimpier, and I don't know how that's possible. But usually when I weigh myself, I'm hovering around the 140 range. Today I was much closer to the 135 mark.

Which means that I will be one hot mama when I see Zee in a few months!

The only blight on the awesomeness of these things is that I only thought I'd included everything in Zee's package.

Nevermind that post doesn't run on MLK Day (I didn't realize this until about 4:00 when the mail guy still hadn't shown), I refuse to untape and retape that gorgeous little box. I'd rather just pay for a flat-rate envelope thing. It's only an iPod protecting case thing. Little and not that important.

Just irritating that it hid from me.

Not that I can be blamed. It got knocked into the floorboard of my car right around the time my car collided with another.

Speaking of car wreck, the owners of the car I hit wasted NO TIME in calling their insurance. I'm pretty sure that as we walked into our respective apartments, they were already ringing them up. I got a call from their insurance on Sunday, and they asked for my agent's contact information. I said that I wasn't sure, but that I was calling my agent on Monday, and I would be back in touch with them on Monday around five.

I was true to my word. I called my insurance around 1:00 or 2:00, only to hear that their insurance had already been in touch with my insurance.

I feel unreasonably irritated about all this. I've already apologized personally, and I immediately insisted that my insurance would cover everything, no problem. But they won't even give me the chance to be an adult and do the right thing. I feel like they've completely gone over my head.

Perhaps it's because I hit their mother-in-law's illegally parked car on Thanksgiving, and refused to pay for it...

Oh well.

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