Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 278

For a moment, I thought I would be lucky enough to avoid the conversation altogether.

But when I was feeling too sick to participate in a walk with the rest of the group, I found myself alone with Heather's father, regretting my poor health.

I delayed it by talking about anything and everything, but then the time came.

"Well, Kindle, you know I've been wanting to talk to you about something..."

I sucked it up and dealt with it as light-heartedly and as intellectually as I possibly could.

I did my best, even, to steer the conversation away from Biblical arguments.

I used the line of "You'll never convince me; I'll never convince you."

I told him that I'm not a heathen living a life of sin, that I'm a women strong in my faith and good with God.

I was happy to educate him on the history behind the verses when he insisted that he wanted to understand how I could interpret the Bible a certain way- not that it changed his opinion any.

And I'm glad to report that I held my own again a man twice my age and twice as studied in the Bible.

That didn't stop it from hurting when he dismissed my relationship with Zee. Without a single question about my personal life, who I am seeing, or how I feel, he insisted that there is a man out there for me that I simply haven't met yet.

And even though I know that's not true, someone I love and respect not listening to me hurts.

I'm glad it's over, but I know it's only temporary. He's already said that he and his wife already plan on talking about this with me in the future. He told me to "be brave and know that it's only because we love you."

I know this. I appreciate this. And I will be so proud and triumphant when I am still in a happy, healthy relationship with Zee every time a conversation of this type takes place.

P.S. - Sunday Skype with Zee has been a success so far! Nothing makes me happier than seeing her!

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