Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 296

Two-hundred and ninety-six days...

I googled that number, just to see if anything came of it, and I have to say - Wikipedia is endlessly useful and interesting.

Zee had a wonderful idea, and I'm interested to see if we can see this idea through to the end.

I've read the blogs and writings of couples going through deployment, veterans of deployments, and couples with pending deployments, and what I hear the most is Communication, Communication, Communication!

For the most part, Zee and I are doing well on that part. We had a rough start (Do NOT Listen to Verizon if they tell you that you can use Skype on Verizon's Global Plan!!), but Zee has hacked her blackberry and is now using an Afghanistan chip. So now I get morning wake-up calls, and I have been her personal alarm clock the past couple days.

We also tried to go a month without internet access - since it costs $70 a month (yeeeesh) - but that was disastrous. I've never felt more depressed, and she felt completely disconnected.

So! We have phone and internet connections! Yay!

But now we're going to go a step further to focus on us - a project.

Zee had the idea that we should do something together, like build or create something.

It will give us something to talk about even when we're worlds apart; it will encourage us to work together; and, if we succeed, we will have the joy and bond of creating something together.

...something that is not a squalling sack of flesh child.

With all that being said, Zee and I are going to begin writing a story together. We're not sure how long or involved it will be, but I'm excited! Two main characters, two point of views, both coming together to tell a story of romance (and maybe a little magic... **wink**).

Should be interesting. And yay for relationships!

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