Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 292

Okay, folks, this is seriously an awesome deal that they having going on at Eversave. I caught this through the blog Crave To Save.

For One Dollar ($1) you can purchase a personalized calendar through Vista Print! You buy the coupon for a buck, go to Vista Print (through the link listed on your coupon), personalize, apply coupon, pay 50% of shipping and done!

Save Highlights
Save Details
Business Info
Choose from wall, desk, wallet, or poster calendars which can be personalized with a over 100 themes or your own photos
50% off all shipping options - shipping as low as $2.84
30% off all additional products with this Save
Upload photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or your own computer
Makes a great Valentine's Day gift
Add captions and icons to your calendar for free
Expires: Apr 16, 2011
Limit 1 Save per person
Use one coupon code per purchase at Vistaprint
Coupon code will be valid for use at Vistaprint immediately upon purchase
Coupon code entitles you to receive 50% off on ALL shipping costs on your entire order
Shipping is Free on any orders over $20

Other than browsing deals, I've spent my day preparing Zee's next care package! I might have gone slightly over budget, but it's nothing I couldn't handle. :)

My girl has been wanting to make her inner fat child happy, so, when I asked what she would like in her package, her instant response was, "Twinkies, debbies, cookies, chocolate."

So, four boxes of Little Debbies, two bags of candy, three types of cookies, and some beef jerky later...

Oooh yeaaaaaaaah. I got all that in there, plus some electronics, toiletries, and air fresheners. How did I manage such a feat?

I opened everything.

Even the individually packed Debbies. Opened, got the air out, and re-taped them shut.

I felt badly about opening them, but how else was she going to get all her cookies?? To open them, I just snipped off a corner of the package. All the air instantly came out, and I just folded it over and taped it back down.

And air-tight is the key to getting all that junk food in. I utilized my own suction method to make sure it was the best vacuum I could manage.

Oh, the power of suction.
Oh, how my lungs hurt now.

My sister watched me practically the entire time I was working on this package, praying that there wouldn't be enough room.
I consoled her with a single chocolate chip cookie.

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