Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 281


Zee is in trouble.

BIG trouble.

Haha, and she probably doesn't even realize it.

She's in the kind of trouble she will be hearing about for years to come.

Last night, I got a midnight call from her. In the course of our chatting, I mentioned how my Korean lessons are progressing. Since Zee speaks Korean, it's really awesome that I have her to pose questions to.

I starting talking about how a lot of the Asian sounds are difficult for my American-Romantic mouth. (Think about how difficult it is for Asians to pronounce "L" and you'll have the perfect picture of me struggling with Korean words.)

Now, keep in mind that while I haven't studied several languages, I have taken a million years of French and a good amount of Spanish. I know how to learn a language. I've even taken courses in linguistics. Courses that I aced, I might add.

When hearing that I am having difficulty with some sounds, Zee, with all the languages in her arsenal, offers this advice:

"I find that it really helps to repeat back everything you hear."



...Really, brainiac??

Any toddler will repeat back what they hear! It's Language Learning 101!

How condescending! How insulting!

Oooooooooooooh, she's in such trouble.

I gave her a little shit while we were on the phone, but I was too sleepy to really lay into her.

But she should know that from now on, whenever I see her struggling with anything, I will go up and whisper in her ear, "You know, I find that it really helps to repeat it back..."

I'm excited for you to read this post, Zee. I wonder if you already knew that you were in big trouble.

Because You Are!!!


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