Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 285

I can feel the days trickling by. It seems just yesterday that I was on Day 365. Now Zee and I are 80 days into her deployment. And those are 80 days of misery I never have to endure again.

I was able to chat with Zee on Skype for almost two hours last night! We were able to work on some issues we've been having, and now we are both feeling happier. It's amazing how just seeing her improves my mood. It's like the sight of her makes my brain immediately release happy hormones that make my world better.

I'm going to bug her into making Sunday Skype Dates a regular thing. I know she's super busy (hasn't had a full day off in 80 days...), but I also know that our relationship is a priority. We need that face-time. Even though we've only had two Skype dates, I can confidently say that we have our best conversations, our longest conversations, and the happiest feelings when we Skype.

So that's worth pursuing.

In other news...

It's once again Football Sunday in my house! My mom's biggest passions are music and football, so she satisfies both in Nashville. And on Sundays, she has the monopoly on the TV to watch her games. So if you live here, you have to learn to love it! And every year, football grows on me a little more.

Today it's Jets v. Steelers and Packers v. Bears. We're sad that our favorite teams are out of the running, but we still have to watch the games!

I'm rooting for the Jets. I support them because they're trash-talkers who's bite is as good as their bark!


  1. I can no longer speak to you. I'm a Pittsburgh girl.


  2. Ah, and this was shaping out to be such a good friendship too...

    If it's any consolation, I'm a Football Jinx. Any team I root for loses... So you can look at my support of the Jets as a backwards way of helping the Steelers to win! Haha.

  3. Routine Skype dates are a fantastic idea! There's always something special about talking face-to-face...


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