Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 185

It really irritates me when people accuse me and "my kind" of "misinterpreting the Bible to suit [our] own needs."

On the one hand, it irritates me because I know I can't argue with people who say this.

Purely because I know they won't listen.

And on the other hand, it irritates me because they're WRONG.


If we are talking literal interpretation

then Hell No.

I have not interpreted anything, let alone misinterpreted anything.

In fact, the interpretations I've read

you know, when studying the Bible

were done by Biblical and Theological scholars.

To this day, I have never read an interpretation or a study done by a homosexual scholar.

So my conclusions have all been learned from straight, educated people

with no other agenda other than learning more about the text.


Most often I have verses thrown in my face containing the words





Does ANYBODY quoting these phrases realize that the words


did not exist until the 13th and 19th centuries, respectively?

Hint: These dates are long after the entire Bible was written.

And if you actually study the history and the language surrounding those verses, you will see that they are not condemning homosexual sex. They are condemning acting outside of your gender and station.

For instance, a woman should never be on top during sex

because that emasculates the man.

Obviously these verses got eyes rolled at them, by and large.


Obviously the people who throw these quotes at me get their information from a second party, just as I do.


in my personal opinion

my sources constantly question and delve into the past to see it as it was.

In my personal opinion,

many pastors

not all

but many

accept the status quo that they were raised to

and are afraid of change.

So they continue to propagate these


as if they have been handed down by God, untouched.


M'Aidez Challenge


I'm definitely not doing so well on this challenge....

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  1. I don't believe God would refuse anyone the right to love the one they love.

    That's like saying God gave me a clit, but doesn't want me to orgasm.


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