Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 181

I've been putting off talking about R&R because I realized the other day that all the pictures are of me and Zee. I would love love LOVE to share the photos of the both of us, unfortunately DADT is still in place....

So here are the few I could scrounge together.
(more will be posted once I get them off my phone)

In no particular order:

Me on my horse, Alabama. Zee is directly behind me on Kentucky.
I fussed at first because they told us not to have our cameras out!
But the horses were so mild. Riding was a breeze.

Red Bull and Agwa.
A dangerous and beautiful combination
that resulted in Zee buying a huge-ass knife...

We did some Hillbilly Golfing, which is putt-putt situated on mountainous incline.
And it's, you know, hillbilly-ish.

At the beginning of the Gatlinburg strip,
enjoying all the beautiful blossoms!

More tomorrow! Have a wonderful night! And a Happy Mother's Day!

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