Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 161

I begrudgingly woke up this afternoon, and I started to think about what I wanted to do with myself in the spare hours I have between bed and work.

Shower. Check.

Eat. Check.

Send Care Package. Check.

Write in Blog.

It occurred to me that I had no idea what I wanted to write about today.

I know sometimes I flake and put up a pointless blog, but it's not because there wasnt' something I had been thinking about writing. It's because I ran out of time and energy.

So I tossed and turned in bed, mentally bouncing around in search of a topic.

Disney Princesses occurred to me.

The topic always fascinates me for two reasons:

1) These are THE role models for our culture's young girls. And I find that rather sad. These girls aren't doctors, lawyers, superheros, athletes, or teachers. They're just princesses - their entire identity is based off who their father is or who they are married to - which seems to be their obsession.

2) Not all of the Disney Princesses started out as princesses. Just like Kate Middleton, they were just minding their own business in their little common lives until Mr. Pompous, Famous, and Rich waltzed into the picture. And some of these claims to royalty are iffy. The Beast, from Beauty & the Beast - what country does he rule? The story takes place in France, but France didn't seem to mind that they were without a humanoid King/Prince for a long period of time...

Early on, my favorite princess was Belle.

I wanted to be her.

Mostly because she got the kick-ass library.

But I also admired Belle because she wasn't just some damsel in distress. She stood up for herself! She was educated! And when the village threatened to kill the Beast, SHE went to rescue HIM.

Girl is a balla'.

But then I had an even better Princess come into my life...


I was in love - pure and simple. At times I wanted to be her, and at others I just wanted to be with her.

Educated, tough, kick-ass.

Oh, and instead of saving her beastly, would-be boyfriend, she saves all of freaking CHINA.

The best part of all though?

She's not a princess.

She was not born a princess.

And she didn't marry a prince.

In fact, did she get married at all? Even in the sequel, which I refuse to watch?

In any case, her true love is a Captain in the Chinese Army who was on the verge of going gay for Mulan.

Can we see why this movie is Disney Heaven for me?

Oh, it also has Donny Osmond...

Singing in the best Disney song EVER

In "researching" this topic, I might have spent about a half-hour playing on the Disney's Princess Website....


  1. I heart Mulan {and Belle too} but it always irritates me that shes a Disney "Princess" Not because she doesn't deserve the fame/prestige, but she's a Balla for a whole different reason. Just like I hate that Tinkerbell is a Princess sometimes. Dear Disney, Make up your mind, Love, Me

  2. Love love love! I agree, it's a shame that the "princess" identity is what girls strive for, but I adore Belle and Mulan. I think you'd also like Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog" because she's independent and takes control of her own life. =)

  3. I effin LOVE Mulan!!! When I first saw this, I was like...but but MULAN! Tiana is pretty awesome, too.

  4. Awesome post! Disney princesses definitely leave something to be desired. I have a fascination with fairy tales; took a lit class on them one semester and I was hooked. It's interesting how gruesome and sexual the original pre-Disney versions are.


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