Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 168

Today was my baby sister's graduation day! My time has been spent doing family-type things, so I literally just got back into the house!

I just want to hop on here for three reasons:

One - I will continue to do my best in posting every single day!

Two - To say I'm linking up over at The Adventures of Mrs. Superman for the weekly roundup! Well never mind. Apparently the link-up is already closed. BUT IT'S STILL FRIDAY.


Three - I'm so very proud of my sister. She had a super-rough high school experience and very nearly didn't graduate. This year she started out at a whole new high school in a completely different city and she rocked it! Despite her knee injury and strep throat and removing her tonsils and other diabetic stuff. Despite not knowing anybody or anything about how this place worked. She buckled down and got things done, and she still managed to have a very active social life - even establishing a small fan base. Haha. My sister is as awesome as Yours Truly.

Have a great night!

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