Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 172

Scattered Thoughts on an Overcast Monday

1. Apparently I'm not doing anything right, even though I'm doing nothing wrong.
Why are relationships so difficult?

2. My interview was postponed until tomorrow.

3. Tonight is my first night on the floor at my new job.
Finally I can make some money.

4. The temperature has dropped significantly. I took the family dog running just a few minutes ago, and, as a result, my ears are aching from exposure to cold wind.


  1. Sorry to hear all that =/
    And I can definitely feel ya on the weather. I just mowed the lawn and could see my breath...

  2. How'd the interview go?

    I can related to what you said in your last post. I'm hoping my job goes full time so that I can also be busier, have more money, less time to spend, etc.


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