Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 162

Since it's technically already Thursday, and since several people are already doing their Thursday link-ups, and since I'm still awake....

I think this is a song that many people following my blog can relate to...

When I listen to this song, personally I think of how the distance has made our relationship strange. How, even know I know Zee so much, she can become something of a stranger to me. How, even though she becomes like a stranger, I still long for her and miss her so much.

So, this song has been on my mind a lot these past couple weeks. I put the translated lyrics below.

I hope you enjoy.

Witness the genius that is A. R. Rhaman....

Wandering bird...

paakhi paakhi pardesi

Distant bird...

e ajnabi tu bhi kabhii awaaz de kahii.n seHey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
mai.n yahaa.n TukDo me.n jii raha huu.nI'm living here in pieces --
tuu kahii.n TukDo.n me.n jii rahii haisomewhere you're living in pieces, too.

roz roz resham sii hava aate-jaate kahatii hai bataEach day, as it comes and goes, the silken wind says, "Tell me!"
resham si hava kahatii hai bataThe silken wind says, "Tell me!"
vo jo duudh dhulii maasuum kaliiThe one who is like a pale, innocent flowerbud --
vo hai kahaa.n kahaa.n haithat girl, where, where is she?
vo roshanii kahaa.n haiWhere is her light?
vo jaan si kahaa.n haiThe one who is my very life - where is she?
mai.n adhura tuu adhuri jii rahii hai

I am incomplete, and you're only half-alive.

tuu to nahii.n hai lekin terii muskaraahaT haiYou're not here, but your smile is.
chehara kahii.n nahii.n hai par terii aahaTe.n haiYour face is nowhere to be found, but the sound of your footsteps are.
tuu hai kahaa.n kahaa.n haiWhere are you, where?
tera nishaan kahaa.n haiWhere is there a sign of you,
mera jahaa.n kahaa.n haiwhere is my world?
mai.n adhura tu adhuri jii rahii haiI'm incomplete, and you're only half-alive.

In an ironic twist, the movie this song is from? Yeah, it's about a suicide bomber.

Coincidence? I think not.


  1. That little fact at the end...whoa! Didn't see that one coming.

  2. Okay seriously.....I love listening to music in other languages. There is something that is so soothing about it! So, thanks for linking it up this week!

    And deployments really make you grow as a person. You figure a lot of things out about your relationship and yourself AND who your real friends are, and how aren't!

  3. Crazy. I like this though, haunting and soothing.

  4. This is gorgeous. Sounds like something that NEEDS to be on my play list. I love it.

    This is what I love about this link-up, hearing new things. Thank you for sharing.


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