Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 166


This past Friday was my sister's graduation!
Her high school years were full of trials and tribulations for all of us,

I almost caught them all in the air, but I was too busy focusing on...

...catching my baby sis tossing her hat, just like we practiced earlier.
(photo is several down)

Accepting her fake diploma!!

Mom and I passed the time "rating" the shoes of all the students crossing the stage. We were bored, and, no, it wasn't my idea. I came by my superficial ideals honestly.

Our little family.

Afterwards we watched my little brother play a set at a local open mic.
He dedicated one of his songs (Hannah's favorite) to his "little sister" and offered congratulations to the new graduate. He can be surprisingly sweet sometimes!

Hannah and I had a pre-ceremony photoshoot.

I told her we should practice the hat-toss.
She's a natural.

It took FOREVER to find the perfect white dress.
I can't understand why the high school would pick the most difficult color as the one they would require all the girls to wear under their gowns.

My pretty sister!


We didn't realize at first (in the previous photo) that the branch behind her head was covered in cicadas. It's the Summer Of the Eleven-Year Cicadas here in the South.
And it is my worst nightmare.

Hannah's graduation had me reminiscing about my own senior year of high school.
Browsing through my yearbook, I found this gem.
DDR in the classroom, anyone?

I had to take a photo of myself on the way to my first official shift at my new job.
And tonight is my last night of my first week at my new job.
How fitting!

(Don't my orange glasses make me look so sassy??)

No picture post is complete without photos of my kitties.
I love it when they sleep so cutely.
Pahdu just cuddles up on the bed or a pile of clothes.

Margo is a little more creative.



  1. i loooooved high school graduation.

    though we didn't have to coordinate the colors of the dresses we wore underneath.

    haha i wore a red satin lingerie dress.


  2. I need a dresser so that my kitties will be inspired to sleep in the drawers. I'm sure at least one of them wood, if they had the opportunity!


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