Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 179

Kindle, most fabulous: So, do you like it over there?

Zee, the glorious: Well, yeah and no.

Kindle, Oh, Beautiful One: Mmm. I guess the "no" is becuse of the constant danger, right?

Zee, the courageous: Huh? Oh. No, I don't mind that.

Kindle, the not surprised: ....

That is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Zee (this morning? it's all a blur...), as I was reminded of a blog I read by the Army Dad. It's always a little odd to me how content she is being deployed. She doesn't like being without me any more than I like being without her, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

I like to imagine Afghanistan as an absolute hell-hole, and it probably would be to me. I don't shower at least every other day? I have to eat cafeteria food? The internet costs more than my entire net worth? I have to sleep in a cot and wear the same clothes every day? Oh, and let's not forget the perpetual threat of danger...

Yeah. Let's not sign me up for that.

But she's happy with that simple way of life. (Although it doesn't seem simple to me.)

Well, maybe she's happy. She at least seems content. She has friends there, a job she believes in and does very well in, and she doesn't have to worry about what to wear every day.

All she's missing is me.


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  1. hahaha B-man is the same way. They probably talk about this during their weekly meals in the cafeteria.

    We have had a 5 minute conversation about me joining the Army Nurse Corps.
    B-man: Look, it would be so cool. We can deploy to Afghanistan together and sleep together. We won't be without sex! Plus, we will cut those school loans in half.
    Me: Does that mean I have to wear a real uniform, wear my hair back, and take orders?
    B-man: You'd have to salute me.
    Me: No
    B-man: Yeah. Nevermind. I can't picture you listening to someone that's yelling at you.


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