Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 173

I want to apologize for not getting back to all the wonderful comments on my blog lately. I have read them all, and I loooove getting comments. I've just been either really busy or really lazy lately...

In fact, when I'm done writing in here, I'm going to play some more Professor Layton before falling asleep...



One aspect of serving that I really enjoy is that you are in good company. I'm at a stage in my life where I'm not really sure what I want to do with myself, career-wise. Well, so are all of these folks.

Additionally, while a restaurant is a natural cess-pool of drama, it's something that is expected and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Drama can be found in every workplace. You either own the drama, or you ignore it and hope it will go away. Restaurants own that shit. I appreciate it.

I was invited to go for a drink after work by the girls training me, and I had a really good time just talking and getting to know my coworkers. I haven't had that experience since I lived in Knoxville! I've missed it so much!

With all that said, I got a call to schedule a second interview for the writing job...

At first, this threw me into an absolute panic attack. Poor Zee had to talk me through it, but she always does such a good job.

Anyways - panic attack. I had one because I'd already taken the job at the restaurant and I'm loving it.

But... I really want to focus on my career as well.

So I freaked out, thinking, "If I get this job, I'll have to choose between two jobs that I really want! I don't want to regret anything! I don't want to let anyone down! Panic!"

Sigh... I am ridiculous sometimes.

But I have come to a decision.

If I am offered the writing job, I will do my best to work both jobs. So many people at the restaurant have "day jobs" also, I won't be alone in the stress and exhaustion.

And I figure I can maybe still have social time every now and then.

I also like the idea of being too busy to spend all the money I'll be making.

However, this is all just speculation. I don't even know if I'll get the writing job (where I get to listen to my Bollywood...).

My interview is in 15 hours. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! Serving was such a fun job. However, people are TRULY assholes so it will be nice to have a job that focuses on your career. Still, if the customers actually do tip well, it is a pretty amazing job.

  2. Luck! I think it is a good plan to work both jobs :) If it turns out you don't like one then you still have the other.

  3. Best of luck at your interview! And I think doing both would be your best option, great idea =)


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