Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 339

It's the last day of November. Do you know what that means?

Only 11 Months Left!

And it only lasted forever.

Things are getting better, though. So I'll take my small blessings where I may. Blessings like her ridiculously over-sized sweatpants that wrap over my poor, freezing toes.

I finally turned the "heat" on today. However, I really don't want my electricity bill to go up, so I'm keeping the 'stat set on 68F for now. Thank goodness for hoodies and judicial use of space heaters.

Day 19: What do you Think of Religion? Politics?

Well, I think I summed up my religious beliefs rather well on Day 341. Succinct and profound, if I do say so myself.

As for politics - they make my head spin. I would love to be more involved in them if I only had the extra 40 hours a week to devote. There are so many aspects to policies, laws, and relations - it seems like a single person could never get a firm grasp on what is only the tip of the iceberg named Politics.

And so I don't really try or care. And I choose to not care because I care too much. Instead, I focus my attention on little things that are big things for me.

Such as, the Pentagon's study decided that removing DADT won't hurt the army.


Of course, some people are still flipping out, saying that the only questions asked were "how do we remove the policy?" and not "should we remove the policy?"

Those people are jerks, said many important people.

My favorite points of the study:

"More than nine out of 10 troops said their unit's ability to work with someone they thought was gay or lesbian was very good, good, or neither good nor bad."

"'I think a lot of people think there is going to be this big 'outing' and people flaunting their gayness, but they forget that we're in the military,' one service member said. 'That stuff isn't supposed to be done during duty hours regardless if you're gay or straight.'"

"'Separate facilities would in our view stigmatize gay and lesbian Service members in a manner reminiscent of 'separate but equal' facilities for blacks prior to the 1960's,' the report states."
- cnn.com

Now, as my beautiful friend Heather has said, one of the biggest issues of DADT being repealed is what is going to be done about housing. If you recognize the validity of gays to serve in the military, then you have to recognize their rights to family and homes. So, do you assign housing to gay service members and their partners?

They have stated that it will not be addressed yet, and that's fine by me. One step at a time, after all.

Heather's concern is that, eventually, housing will be abused. After all, what's to stop a couple of single soldiers from claiming to be "gay" just to get out of the barracks?

That only thing is something that can stop two straight people dead in their tracks -


Oooh, yeah. How far will you go to get the benefits of marriage?

And, people, don't think that there will still be housing abu-- oh wait. ...I'm not sure... but... Is it just me, or do military folk get married a lot? I personally know the stories of a girl or two who married into the military just for the free ride and a chance to score a Hawaiian vacation.

Anyways - that's off topic. I just wanted to point out that gay people aren't any more likely to suffer through marriage than straight people. After all, we're just like you, only... more... gay?

Back to the scene. Once the Powers That Be realize that marriage is the only way to solve a hell of a lot of confusion, Sir Patrick Stewart will be hired to say, "Make it So."

"Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" never sounded so amazing.

At this point, marriage for gay couples would have to be federally realized, and finally the decades-long struggle will end.

Of course, this is the natural progression in the Overly-Optimistic World of Kindle. In reality conservatives and Bible-bangers and haters and all-sorts will be dragging their toes in the sand, begging people to not commit sin against God, even if those people don't believe in God.

I'd rather live in Overly-Optimistic World of Kindle. Wouldn't you?


  1. Aww, first off, Yay for listening to me. It's hard for me to remember people do that! haha. Secondly you have very good points. Thirdly I love you. And Fourthly I like optimistic Kindle. It seems the logical progression of things. At least to me. :)

  2. Heather, you are one of the smartest and most logical persons I know. How could I not listen to you?

    Second, thank you.

    Third, I love you, wifey!! I get to see you sooooo soon!!

    Fourth, optimism should be my middle name. It has a nice ring to it...

    Fifth, thank you for always loving me and supporting me. :) I love you and appreciate you so much!


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