Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 360

Today I was so busy sending my first care package, I almost forgot to write in here! And honestly, I'm so tired. Early shifts at work make evenings difficult for me.

I had great plans of writing this strongly opinionated, slightly controversial blog that would not surprise my girlfriend at all, even if the subject is something we've never discussed before.

Instead - a brief summary of my day:

1. Got the pictures back from my most recent photoshoot. I'm not allowed to post much, but I can give a teaser.

2. Rushed to take care of package. Learned that the Hendersonville Post Office is staffed by much nicer people that the one at Elm Hill.

3. Talked the guy at Walmart into letting me have my pictures, even though I didn't have the copyright. (Should've expected that after Heather's struggle.)

4. Figured out how to Click-And-Ship with USPS. But I am so glad I got to observe Heather make her care packages, else I would have been lost.

5. Spoiler for Zee, since I know she's reading - I made brownies. I did a little reading, and some places said brownies were ok to send. So... We'll see. I zip-locked them as airtight as I could. But I think there's still a good chance they could arrive all moldy. eeeeeeeeeeeeewww. I hope Zee appreciates my experiment. :D Also, I hope she appreciates that the edges are slightly burnt. I might have forgotten that they were in the oven...

That's it for today, folks! I am exhausted and hitting the sack. Glad that I get to mark another day off my calendar. :) Another day gone, another day closer to her.

1 comment:

  1. First off, You are so beautiful, you make my head spin.

    Secondly, aww, Brownies. Google Cake in a Jar. That's where your money is at. K??

    Thirdly, Who would expect the edges burnt...You need a shock collar for cooking. haha. jk.

    Fourthly, I LOVE YOU!


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