Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 347

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Hannah! She's 18 freaking years old!!

And she's a sweetheart who grabbed me cold presses for my aching head yesterday and fetched me water and put on Say Yes to the Dress.

She's adorable.

Day 11: Something You Get the Most Compliments On

My looks, I guess. Which is sad. My best feature is one that's going to suck in 20 years? The funny part is that I don't invest in my looks all that much. I'm thinking about maybe looking into modeling as a way to make extra money, but I never wear make-up or jewelry. I'm so far from high fashion, I couldn't touch it with a diplodocus.

This diplodocus is all that stands between me and the runway. Damn long-necks.

Now, I know I'm awesome. I'm intelligent, insatiably curious, reasonably talented, and fairly ambitious. But these aren't the things that get noticed. People rarely say, "Wow, Kindle, you are so smart. I love your opinions."

But on the rare occasions that I do get complimented on my brain, I blossom with happiness.

1 comment:

  1. Kindle, you always have the most impressive opinions and insight into issues and concepts. You often show me things I never thought of in a topic, leaving me to draw more well informed conclusions. Also, nice rack.

    I enjoy how you've started forming your blog like It's a good step up.


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