Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 342

Day 16: Something you could live without

Periods. I hate them.

Also, daylight savings. Perfectly useless.

In fact, periods are useless too. I hate both.

I mean, come on! I don't want to give birth, so these organs are not being put to use. What is the point then of going through this painful and inconvenient cycle every month?? The answer is that there isn't one.

And daylight savings might have been fine when we were a predominantly agricultural society with limited access to electricity and artificial light. But now service based industries are the majority in our economy and 24-hour stores are convenient life-savers. Why do we still keep with the outdated and useless tradition of changing our clocks twice a year?

...probably for the same reason that we keep with the outdated and useless ideals of "marriage" and "one man and one woman."

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