Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 345

49 Weeks to Go

I wish all my days without Zee could be like yesterday. Productive and full of happy Zee moments. Today was just exhausting and confusing. Is it because the holidays are so near? Is it because we haven't spoken voice-to-voice in almost a week? Is it just a bad day in general, filled with stupid girl hormones?

I don't know. I've been happy to sleep and waste away in front of the television today.

Happy isn't really the right word.

In other news, I have apparently taken up knitting again? Mom had a friend of hers over for dinner last night, and they started knitting. Suddenly it looked like so much fun, that I went and grabbed a scarf I started five years ago and never finished.

I actually finished it last night.

Despite some kitty interference.

Zee has asked for a hat for her little cold head. Even though I have never attempted anything more than a scarf, I will try for her. It might be the ugliest thing ever, but it will be done! Because it's very hard to say no to her, especially when she's so far away.

She also made a correction to my last post - Zee actually loves Indian food very much. I was incorrect in saying she tolerates it. But I will hold that she more than anyone has to put up with my weird obsessions, and it's just one of the many reasons why I love her.

Day 13: A Band that has gotten you through hard times

You know, as much as I listen to and love music, I find it really difficult to choose just one band that I feel has really affected me. Music accentuates my mood - it doesn't inspire it.

If you want to know something that has helped me through hard times, look no further than these bad boys:

No matter how stressful the test or bad the day, I could come home and escape into a world where everyone kicks ass and does (usually) the right thing.

Oh, and music played in the background.

Hmmmm... Maybe that's what I need tonight...

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  1. Don't feel bad, all I can make is scarves. I crochet them. Oh and somehow they are mysteriously narrower at the end than at the beginning....


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