Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 351

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEE! I loooove you!

Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for

I can't pick just one person, honestly. Everyone in my life has affected me in an important way, and all those I love are people worth living for.

There was a period in my life a long time ago where I felt like I had no friends, only enemies. My family was going through a crisis and had little time to spare for me. I was walking that fine line of depression where ending it all seems like a good idea.

No one swooped into save me, except maybe some divine intervention. It occurred to me that I was letting people who didn't care about me change how I saw myself and how I lived. I decided I wasn't going to let other people choose how I lived or if I lived. I decided then that I am living this life for myself. Beyond family obligations, friends, society - if I'm not happy, I've lived a wasted life.

This sounds selfish, and is selfish, until you look around and realize that what brings you true happiness is love. Love for yourself, love for that special someone, love for friends, love for family. And preserving those connections in life is what makes life worth living.

Not Pictured: All My Wonderful Friends :)

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