Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 346

Today was a big day for me and Zee!

One: Zee got promoted today! Goooooooooooo, baby! Moving on up! Apparently there is a ceremony that goes along with it, and there was video taken that she will forward on to me whenever she gets a copy. I am very proud of her and excited to see it! I'm sure she looked gorgeous and so bad-ass, as always.

Two: Today is our Six Month Anniversary! Yes, yes, we've been together "only" six months, but these have been very momentous months. It feels like the time has flown, but as though we've known each other for far, far longer. That's probably because we have, over the months, addressed some very important life issues and have been honest and frank with each other. The time we spent together was blissful and fun, but there was this definite sense of us, building a relationship and actively working on making a future.

It didn't take long at all for me to fall in love with her, and not much longer to realize that she is definitely the one and only for me.

I sent along an anniversary card in her birthday package, and I am sending a blanket now that I kinda consider a present. But hers was so much better. She put together this beautiful picture slideshow/video of us, set to "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, which is the song she associates with me.

It was perfect. It made me laugh. And it seriously made me cry the good kind of tears.

The rest of my anniversary day was spent cleaning house. I completely overhauled the bathroom and kitchen. My hands hurt now....

I got some happy things done though! I bought more stamps and stationery for writing Zee, and then I bought frames for hanging up photos of Zee and I. My bedroom is prettier now.

Today is a happy day. :)

Day 12: Something You Never Get Compliments On

My complete and utter love for Bollywood. It's one my tastes that gets groans from friends and family both. Even Zee has asked what it is about Bollywood that I like.

Only my sister understands, and I think even she would complain about how much I listen to Bollywood in the car.

I listen to it so much that I can recognize the elevator music versions that play in Indian restaurants.

But I am fortunate in that Zee, my family, and my friends all love me enough to tolerate my obsession. And especially Zee for willingly going to eat Indian with me on several, several occasions.

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