Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 362

1. Time is slow, apparently.
2. It is freezing and the fans are going in my mother's house. And they're too high to reach & turn off.
3. Kindle = Miserable.

Today has been fun and interesting, if frightfully cold. My mother's car is in the shop, so we drove to our hometown in west Tennessee to go pick up the truck for her to drive.

We arrive and find out that Mom has left her keys back in Nashville. After twenty minutes of unsuccessfully trying to break into our own house, we go to a neighbor's to pick up our spare key.

Back home, we realize that Mom never left the key in Nashville. It was simply in a different bag.

None of this matters, however, because the electricity was out for the entire town (which is about two blocks in width and height - population 150 approx.) and the water was still off from when we'd left the house a month ago.

Mom was desperate to catch some Sunday football, so we went to a local pizzeria to pass the time until the power came back.

So, hello, that was my day. I still have to drive back to Nashville tonight. Hoping that maybe I can talk to Zee tonight before I pass out. Apparently the Verizon salesperson might not have been quite the idiot I thought he was. Zee said that she was able to use the Skype on her phone once she got to Afghanistan. I'm not sure, however, since she still purchased the wireless for her computer over there.

Oh well, we'll see!

The only other Zee-related thing I have going on is getting together her birthday package. :D Hopefully can have that done by Tuesday, and it will hopefully reach her just a few days after her 23rd celebration! She's so young, the baby. :3

I'm noticing the word "hope" coming up a lot...

I feel like I have a LOT of writing in the year ahead of me. This blog every day, letters and email and texts to Zee, and starting Friday I'm getting a very late start on NaNoWriMo. I haven't had a computer since mine died a gruesome death this summer, but I'm determined to accomplish the 50,000 word limit by the end of November anyways!

I think that once I start my NaNoWriMo novel I'll do the 30 Days Of Honesty that Heather did in October. That way I won't have to focus so much on what to write in here and can put all my energy into pounding out the novel I've had in my head since I was about sixteen.

And who knows, maybe that will make that month-long period go by faster! Lord know that these few days have felt like a couple weeks. >.<

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