Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 333

Oooh, 333. It just occurred to me that there will only be three of those this entire year. 333, 222, 111.

Day 333 was a good day. I got to chat through gmail with the most amazing girl in the world, I had a productive and busy day at work, a coworker I thought hated me said she appreciated me and didn't thank me enough, I worked out at the gym for an hour, and when I came home there was pizza in the oven. I didn't even have trouble waking up this morning!

Today was a miracle.

But now I am very much ready to go to sleep.

...after I read a few more chapters of Mars by Ben Bova.

Day 25: The Reason You Believe You're Still Alive Today

I am alive today because the higher power that be willed it. There are so many instances where I've almost died. Times when I should have. Times that left me gasping and in awe of my own mortality.

How did I come through all that alive and with so much to live for?

You could say fluke. You could say coincidence. You could say roll of the dice.

I say fate. I say reason. I say God.

Spargo, don't you dare dog me for mentioning religion or God again. I am allowed to be spiritual too, you know! I will be spiritual all over your ass. ...although, I'm not sure I like how that sounds.


  1. If you will recall, the reason I dogged you the first time was because you were full of crap about religion. Your Biblical reference was jacked up. I'm glad you believe in God.

    Now if we could just do something about that Hindi stuff you follow. You terrorist. ;)

  2. Spargo, that Biblical reference was Awesome, and you know it! Besides, if I wanted to, I could say that it was psuedo-historical reference. Or even a simple story reference. It's not like I go around posturing to be a Bible-Up-My-Ass Christian.

    And I will convert you to Hinduism. Bollywood is just the first step...

  3. Wait wait wait. Wait. Wait. You believe in a religion where you're not the creator??

  4. Well, Zach, if I am made in God's image, and if God dwells within me, then I am, in a sense, a part of God. Therefore, I am God.



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