Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 327

I will put more effort into my blog starting tomorrow. Never forget that I am a procrastinator, first and foremost.

Last night I made one of the most responsible decisions of my life.

I chose to not drive drunk.

That sounds stupid to state. I mean, of course that should be the preferred option. But somehow that's not always an easy choice to make. Driving always seems like the simpler option. I'm ashamed of the number of times I've been behind the wheel when I shouldn't be. It's not until the next day that I realize just how drunk I really was.

So, I pulled off the next exit and into the Burger King. I called up my mother, and I woke her up, crying, feeling completely embarrassed.

The fact that I was crying at all is an indicator of how drunk I was.

So, I'm happy that I was smart last night, even if I was completely sloshed. And I'm more than happy to watch a Psych marathon with my sister, while it snows outside and my car is miles away.

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