Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 322

The Repeal goes to vote tomorrow! If my understanding is correct, it's a test vote. I'm not really sure what a test vote is for. Maybe you can enlighten me?

So, I think it's a test vote tomorrow, followed by a real vote either tomorrow or Sunday.

Fingers are crossed! Even after the Repeal goes through, it will still take about 90 days to actually act upon it, and then even longer for the military to take the steps into "transitioning phase."

Whatever. The sooner I can post love-notes on my boo's Facebook page, the better.

And I'm sure she'll appreciate not having to hide her sexuality and me anymore. But I don't see her waving a Gay Pride Flag outside her door any time soon. She's not flashy like that.

That's my job.

And, yes, the winning photo was cool. But I thought the running up picture was so much better.

Introducing the Supercell Thunderstorm...

I saw this and immediately thought, "Where can I get one??"

I looked it up on Wikipedia and according to the article, what makes the Supercell stand apart from other Puny Thunderstorms is the "deep continuously-rotating updraft."

It was first studied in England, but most Supercell Thunderstorms occur in the U.S. Great Plains (...which is the mid-west, I'm assuming).

Some of these puppies result in tornadoes, but only about 30%. But, dude, why would you need a tornado when you kick that much ass??

Needless to say, I have my new favorite storm. I Want One.

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