Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 328

I think I would be crushed if life caused me to miss a day of this blog. Then again, if I missed a day, that would mean that time is rushing by, right?

I got to talk to Zee today, and that automatically makes it an awesome day!

And I even have a Christmas Party and two bottles of merlot calling my name.

The only downside was that my party is me plus one. And I really wish I had Zee with me...

Anyways, I'm in a hurry and can barely type correctly. The party starts soon, and my sister didn't realize that she was supposed to bring her insulin home with her from school. So now I have to make an emergency run to Walgreens to make sure she can survive the weekend.

Day 30: Write a letter to yourself

Ok, really? I always find these things stupid. So even if I weren't in a rush, I wouldn't do it. I write enough for it to count as writing to myself. In fact, I write for myself all the time. So...


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