Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 323

How inconvenient is Don't Ask Don't Tell?

I went to go post on Zee's Facebook wall, just to be cute and say hi, and luckily remembered that my profile picture is the two of us looking very loving and cuddly.

I quickly back-peddled and didn't post on her wall. As a result, I am feeling very pouty.

And apparently winky...

In good news, the House has approved the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell as a stand-alone bill, so now it goes on to the Senate, as a lonely little bill lined up behind all the tax and deficit talk going on.

That's the part that was confusing me, because I could have sworn that the Repeal had already passed through the House. Turns out, the Repeal had passed through, but as a part of a Defense Bill Package thing. However, it was denied a hearing in the Senate, because people claimed they didn't want the passing, or not passing, of the Repeal to affect other parts of the defense bill going through the Senate.

Ok, fair. So now it's Round Two with the Repeal, and it's looking pretty good. There are even enough Republicans who have stated their support for the Repeal to balance out the few-odd Democrats who aren't going to vote with their party.

Now let's just hope that this Beautiful Bill of Wonders can see the Senate before the lame-duck session is over.

In other news, I have a great concern.

The Koreas are making me unhappy. See, there's a fairly good chance we might be stationed there in a couple of years or so. I mean, there are several places we could end up living, sure... But Korea is looking like the strongest candidate. And that's cool! That's awesome.

But... If they decide to have a little cat-fight, I don't want Zee or myself to be anywhere near that.

And... If they decide to have a little cat-fight, it's sounding like the U.S. is almost obligated to get involved.

In which case my beautiful boo will be Off To Another War Zone.

In Short - I am concerned. If I could go over there and straighten the Korean peoples out myself, I would. Heck, I've already pegged North Korea as the country I am most likely to take over - after Mexico, of course.

Countries I Would Like to Take-Over

That is just my starter list, subject to change, but I like to keep an eye out for any opportunity that may come my way.

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