Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 318

I am always amused at the double-take when someone learns I'm gay.

"Oh - OH. You're... lesbian?"

I know that at first glance I do not fit the "lesbian" stereotype. And that's only fitting, since that stereotype does not apply to me. I don't really like the term "lesbian." If there has to be a word to describe my sexuality, I prefer "gay."

Although really I'd ultimately prefer "a girl who happens to be madly in love with another girl."

Just like I don't think of Zee as a soldier or by her rank (the one time I jokingly called her by rank, it actually weirded me out a little...), she's a girl who happens to be in the Army.

But at the same time, I can't deny my obvious attraction for girls in general. But then I can be occasionally attracted to guys. So I don't know what I am. Bi-sexual? Maybe. Straight? Definitely not. Gay? Why not.

At the end of the day, however, I don't feel that my sexuality affects who I am. It affects my life, my politics, my beliefs - sure. But as for who I choose to be - it's only one facet among millions.

So why should that one aspect of me be what defines me?

Now, one part of the "Lesbian Stereotype" I can't deny in myself is my interest (and burgeoning belief) in astrology. It fits well with my growing Hindu beliefs, and, heck, it describes Zee and I so well, how could I not be interested?

Aries and Scorpio

Ram and Scorpion are a powerful match but an uneasy mix, a fascinating combination that needs work. Traditionally, Mars rules both Aries, a Fire Sign and Scorpio, a Water Sign. Thus, the warrior spirit surges in each of you. The Ram is the 'heart on the sleeve' warrior, passionate, impatient, idealistic and surging with naive vigour. The Scorpion is cool in a crisis, intensely private, obsessively determined and ready to wait for the moment.

When the two of you meet, the instantaneous Ram may dance around the 'wait and see' Scorpion for a time, but the fascination will be deep. When the Scorpion finally allows the Ram to make the first move, there will be fireworks in the bedroom as fiery Mars meets passionate Mars, especially if other points harmonize in your charts.

And etc. You wouldn't be interested in the rest, but it's unnervingly accurate and informative.

Care to guess which one is the Aries? Here's a hint - her name follows after her ruling element.


I. Think. Not.

In other news, this piece on NPR made me tear up as it played on the radio this morning. It is about how soldiers who suffer brain damage during their service aren't given adequate treatment, and how this one billionaire takes it upon himself to start and fully fund a program that gives these soldiers the therapy they need to live independently.

And listening to these men stutter through their emotional statements, and learning that these are improvements - oh, my. My heart broke and re-mended several times during that story.

The read isn't half bad either.


  1. So, I've never labeled you as Lesbian/Gay/Straight/Bisexual etc. I've always phrased you as "Open to love". I think it's the best description. :)

  2. I think that's the best description too! :D Especially since I LOVE You and am SO SO SO excited to be seeing you in - like - a month!


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