Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 325

So many things to say, so few places to start.

I have to say, the pressure of writing every single day really detracts from my ability to write anything meaningful.

Tonight I'm going to say that once again I'm really disappointed in work. There are a lot of things I disagree with that go on there, but sometimes they just go overboard with it. And in some ways they can be extremely generous with their employees, but then they can turn around and be shockingly strict and unforgiving.

And I realize that a lot of it is hard for me to understand because I'm not a business owner, but...

But I don't want to lose the one person that I truly count as a friend and co-worker there, just because she is desperately trying to support her family with three children. So she wants the extra hours, she wants the overtime, and yes she is keeping a look-out for other possible part-time jobs. She'll even look for full-time jobs for her husband.

And, yes, she will sometimes look during work hours, when things are unbearably slow, but is that any worse than us browsing Facebook?

All I know is that I trust her. And I know that she is such a good person. And I know that she very much depends on this very dependable job, and that is something she will not risk. Especially after being unemployed for almost a year.

So how can they not look past the surface?

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