Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 331

47 Weeks Remaining

When I listen to songs, I don't just appreciate the lyrics. I'm not just enjoying the emotion it evokes. I'm not just cresting on the music's swells.

I am also creating music videos. I choreograph each shot. I develop a plot line. I see the vivid or muted colors. I recreate the emotions.

I really want to look about finding a way onto the sets of video shoots, just to get my feet wet.

But lately, I've really entertained the idea of taking popular songs and re-shooting them from the "gay" perspective.

For instance, tonight I was listening to Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" and I could imagine this entire video, a dedication to Zee.

I wear Greek-style white nightie, tied up with yellow ribbons, on a white bed. Opposite is Zee, separated by the thin film of a dream, fuzzy and distorted. A fingertip and a world away. And the chase begins through the different dreams. She changes outfits as she changes locations. I eventually catch up and the dream starts to dissolve, and as the song starts to end we clasp hands.

And of course there are inserts of some dancing, modelesque poses, and close-ups. But essentially that would be the video.

See? The song was from a girl to a guy, but change "boy" to "girl" and BOOM. Gay. Not "gay" as in stupid. "Gay" as in sexy.

I've done the gender switch with many songs. My favorite videos I've mentally prepared are set to "With Love" by Hilary Duff (don't judge me), "Me and You" by Cassie, "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, and "So Hard" by Rihanna.

Ok, well, the Rihanna isn't exactly a gender switch situation, although it could be. I just think I could have made a much better music video. Her video for "So Hard" was "So Blah."

Day 27: What's the best thing going for you right now?

Is this the part where I cheesily say "Zee"?

Ugh. I hate being predictable...

But having someone solidly in my corner who is sexy, smart, amazing, and madly in love with me does my future look a lot happier. ;)

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