Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 248

Well, we knew it had to happen.

I'm a klutz with bad luck.

Nothing bad had happened aaaaall February.

So of course we had to start March off with a bang.

This blog is brought to you courtesy of my phone, as my keyboard is malfunctioning due to a glass of mostly melted ice cubes that fell on it at 3am on March 1.

Water damage isn't bad, but, since I'd been drinking sweet tea, it's fatal.

And since it was 3am and I was asleep (i can't help it that I just HAD to cuddle my pillow and it just HAPPENED to be too close to my glass which was APPARENTLY to my computer), I really was in no condition to do more than simply wipe it off.

Although, I've been reading, and there's not much more I could have done.

In any case, I've already found the replacement part for $40. I'll get to test out my installation skills in a few days.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, at least the replacement part wasn't too pricey. I hate when klutzy moments cost me money!


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