Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 222

Day 222! What a beautiful number!

(...not as beautiful as Day 0...)

This will be my 142nd post, which means I've only missed one day in this blog.

But maybe I should miss more days, in extreme circumstances at least...

Because I should never post while drunk. Ugh. I can't remember half of what I said, and I honestly don't want to go back and read it. I'll wait til next week to find out what embarrassing things I might have said.

I only remember proof-reading the post and having multiple spelling errors to fix.

Yes.... I am that drunkie who still insists on being grammatically correct.

Today has been the exact opposite of yesterday in terms of productiveness. I don't mind.

I slept, I ate, I watched tv with my mom, I sorted through Zee's clothes (two piles: allowed and not allowed), and drank a beer to try and ward off extra hangoverness.

I did accomplish one very important thing today:

I believe I have finally solidified my mom's love of Bollywood.

Of Course, I can't take all the credit for this. It's really all about Shah Rukh Khan.

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