Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 226

I have hair on my mind today. Not just because I work in a salon.

It’s on my mind because I’m contemplating great changes in my hair future.

One – I’m growing it out. I’m going from mo-hawk to mo-length.

mohawk meEven though this fauxhawk is beyond delicious.

I haven’t had “long hair” in almost three years. I had completely forgotten what it feels like. I had forgotten how annoying showers are. I had forgotten what ponytails feel like.

And it’s not even “long” yet.

I originally started growing my hair last May, since it’s really hard to change up your style with only an inch of hair. And I’m that girl that wants to switch up haircuts about every two months.

But when I told Zee I was growing my hair, that honey girl got excited. There was even a time (or two…) when she would grab what little hair I had, pull it out as far as it would go, and then, with a forceful glare, demand, “Grow!”

So I now have two reasons to let my hair get longer than I’d like. I did get it cut today, however. It’s been three months. And after three whole months of growth, it wasn’t looking long so much as unkempt.


Now, the second great change is far, far scarier than the first.

I’m thinking of going blonde…

Ok. More than thinking. I know I’m going to go blonde. In about five weeks actually.

This is terrifying for so many reasons.

One, I’m afraid of frying my hair.

Two, black hair (with purple highlights) is the look for me. Even my own mother says this is her favorite color on me.

Three, in highschool (so…seven/eight years ago?), I was blonde, and… Ugh. I thought it looked good at the time? But now I think of the color and just shudder. It was wrong. So wrong.

However, my best friend (you might have heard of her – Heather from Altogether Heather – remember that amazing girl?) has been every color in the book except black, and she looks gorgeous in each color. And I figure, if she can rock blondes, golds, browns, and reds, surely I can handle more than brown and black (and purple).

So. I have to try it. I have to try a real professional blonde. Not the accident that happened in high school when I got too many bad highlights from my cousin.

To prepare myself, I did some online renders. I’ve already shown these to Zee, my family, and friends. I know their preference, but I would like yours too.

I think you would be honest and unbiased. <3

(ignore the haircuts – just look at the color)

This is my natural, happy, pale skin, even though this picture was taken in the Summer of 2006 when I was a camp counselor for baby 4 and 5-year olds.

makeover (3)Option 1 – The Nancy Drew

makeover (5)Option 2 – The Wanna-Be-Paris

makeover (6)Option 3 – The Drew Barrymore

So please, my dear cherished readers, let me know your thoughts. Which blonde would do best? Is there another option I hadn’t considered? Should I stay away from blonde all together?

My mom has already threatened to love me less if I go blonde.

Would you?


  1. drew barrymore. definitely.
    And you've seen my many hair colors. It's all about how well YOU wear the hair! My dear, if you can rock the fauxhawk (which you do very well by the way) you can rock whichever blonde you wish to rock.

  2. I like choice number one. But I also like number three. Pretty much I just love the idea that you are making such a dramatic change because I would never have the guts to do it! :]

  3. I think your hair is pretty fab as it is, but sometimes change is good. Initially I thought definitely 3, but 1 could also be a good choice :)

  4. I like drew barrymore. if i were a gorgeous caucasian woman such as yourself, i would want to rock the jennifer anniston look

  5. also i LOOOVE the fauxhawk!!!!!!

  6. First off, thanks for thinking I'm gorgeous. :) For the record, there is a reason I could never pull off black, it's called people renaming me Wednesday and snapping their fingers at me... haha. :)

    Second, I'm glad other people agree that you are Drew Barrymore for sure!

    Third, either way I will love you, no matter if your hair comes out Orange and people sing Rocky Top to you. (They really do this...)


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