Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 219

We're getting closer and closer to Day 200, and I'm so excited for that!

But I'm even more excited to see my Zee again. This separation has been as difficult as I'd expected it to be, and I feel myself becoming numb to the pain of it all.

If you haven't lived at all in your life, you might not know that numbness is a bad thing.

So I'm so happy to be seeing my girl again soon, and to feel everything as vividly as I used to. I'm always surprised at the amount of emotion and vitality she brings out of me.

Until then, this book rang my bell the other night.

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher - I'd heard it was funny, and I was so ready for some good laughs, brought to me by one of the icons and role models of my childhood.

But I should know better than to judge a book by it's cover (or by amateur readers' opinions).

This book was good - don't get me wrong. It was just... different.

It was less a structured biography, and more stream of consciousness.

She would jump from topic to topic - sometimes not even finishing her last thought.

It was as though she had dictated the book to a stenographer and then never bothered to edit.

But what makes this book memorable is its depictions of Debbie Reynolds - the most eccentric mother ever, the self-deprecating approach Fisher takes to her entire life, and then her portrayal of her bipolar and manic-depressive personality.

I found this last part very interesting, since I have e-met Beckie (Turn for the Nurse) and Jessa (Doxie Noodle) in my blogosphere adventures. Both ladies have openly talked about their {dis?}orders and how they cope. So following their blogs gave me a unique approach to Fisher's book.

Reading Wishful Drinking, Fisher's bi-polar disorder wasn't some distant and made-up thing. I read her biography and wondered if that's how my new friends would describe the disorder as well.

Overall it was a very fun book (if you could handle the random, unstructured monologue), and some of the stories in there deserve retelling. But I was glad that it gave me something to think about. Her struggle (which included electroshock therapy !!!) was memorable and her attitude humbling.

Carrie Fisher might be a crazy alcoholic, but she owns it. And I think that's why she's still my idol. :)


  1. "Overall it was a very fun book (if you could handle the random, unstructured monologue), and some of the stories in their deserve retelling."

    Kindle, I'm going to destroy you with a single word. And when I do, you will see it and know your defeat.


    "Some of the stories in THERE deserve telling."

    I know this is without a doubt your top gramatical pet peeve.

    I love you sis.

  2. Actually, it's only a pet peeve because people don't proof-read or care about their grammar. I mis-type their/there and you're/your a LOT, but I can usually catch it when I read back over my stuff. I was super sleepy last night, so thank you for catching it for me. :)

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