Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 225

Drew Barrymore won the vote! I'm going Blonde Baby in five weeks! I'll have to do a trillion before&after pictures.

In other news, there is no other news.

How shall I make this post interesting?

How about I'll briefly share a concern with you:

I have no idea how to get onto base.

Even though I still have seven-ish months left (I hope) before Zee's homecoming, I'm already worried. I've never gone onto base in my own vehicle. I've never not been accompanied by a service member or wife. I've never even driven on base.

But say I figure out how to make my way past all that security. Where do I go from there? I know there's an airfield, but I don't know its location. Is there a limit in who I can bring with me? What are the rules for homecoming? Am I even allowed to go?

How do I know when the plane will land? Do I just guesstimate based off when she says they're boarding the last plane?

How does this whole thing work?

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  1. Does Zee have you connected with the FRG, so you get homecoming updates? I know you have to keep it on the DL, but she can always say you're a "cousin" or a BFF. If you don't have that info, she's going to need to pass all of the info along to you. She can call you while she's in Germany, or wherever she's flying through.

    The day of homecoming, get there EARLY. Bring snacks, since it's likely that you won't be able to buy food on post, since you're not military. You'll have to go through the main gate. Make sure you have license, registration, and that there's nothing inappropriate in your car, since they'll probably inspect it. Anticipate a LONG wait at the gate and for this process.

    Yes, you're allowed to go - anyone can go. You can bring other people, but everyone in your vehicle must have an ID card of some sort (drivers license, etc).

    Don't bring any booze in your car, despite the temptation to hand her a cold one when she gets off the plane.

    As for tracking the plane, the FRG can notify you, or you can email me and I'll tell you my private trick for knowing the exact time. ;)


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