Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 220

I promised myself that I would go to bed early tonight (despite having already taken a nap) so I will try to keep this short.

A couple weeks ago there was Facebook Drama when I tried to speak out against the King Hearings held in New York.

And my statement got misconstrued as an attack on Christianity...

Remind me to never use Christian Terrorism in juxtaposition with Islamic Terrorism.

Anyhow, the drama ended when I restated myself, removing the confusion, and easing everyone's fear of myself becoming a terrorist.

Or so I thought.

This is the drama I spoke of yesterday.

Yesterday morning I checked the mail and found I'd received my birthday card from my grandmother. Inside the usual card was the usual birthday money.

Also inside the usual card was an unusual note. This note told me that my comment on Facebook saddened her heart because she herself is a "radical Christian" (the term I used to define Christian extremists), and there's nothing wrong with being radical. And she told me that Jesus loved me, I needed to accept this, because I was heading down a dark and dangerous path.

I think that anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows I'm not on any dark nor dangerous path.

The question now is how to handle this. I'm sure you're thinking I should just call her, but I'm passive-aggressive and non-confrontational.

The last time I tried to confront somebody (because that's what everyone says you should do) I was shaking so badly I could hardly get my words out.

In any case, my grandmother and I speak about twice a year, and that's fine with me. We've not been close since I was toddler. I'm used to this by now.

So my best option is to write her back.

My first letter was shot down by Zee, who pointed out that I was being as rash and judgmental as my grandmother. (Well, we are related after all.)

My second letter wasn't a letter - simply the entire Facebook conversation printed off, showing my grandmother that if she'd only taken the time to read the whole thing, she'd have never written me that way. This idea was shot down by my mother, because apparently it's childish.

My third letter I wrote this afternoon while I was desperately tired and trying to avoid a nap. This one, too, was shot down by my mother. She says it's "acceptable" but that it "wasn't loving."

Pfft. I ended the letter with "I love you very much." How is that not loving?


  1. Your grandmother writing those things doesn't sound very loving to me.

    Just tell her "Well, I am going to hell and I am going to love getting myself there on the dark path." I bet that would REALLY solve the problem.

  2. Maybe you should write your grandmother a letter and tell her that you're hurt by the fact that she addressed her concerns in a letter. Why didn't she call? If she cares so badly about your soul, a phone call is too troublesome for salvation? Or is this how radical she is? Damn, she's saving you by NOT saving you?! That's crazy radical!

    Seriously, I liked you printing off the conversation. If your mother (who I love dearly) wants to criticize it for being childish, ask her what kind of grown adult writes a letter to someone telling them they're going to hell.

    "Any post today, Mom?"
    "Oh nothing special honey. Just the usual. Bills, credit card applications, a letter approving your loan on a lake of fire in Hell."
    "Oh good. I was afraid they'd turn me down. Now if only I could move the spears and hayforks."

    I love you sis. You're not going to Hell.

  3. Okay, I'm going to pull the life experience card here (don't get offended, please!). I have no issues with confrontation, both to my benefit and not so much to my benefit lol. The biggest thing I've had to learn to accept is that there is a generational line that makes confrontation absolutely pointless. I decided a long time ago to just ignore asinine comments from anyone older than my mom.

    Your grandmother is not going to change. Nothing you can say or do is going to change her mind about anything. Is it worth the energy on your part & potential future arguments to even put forth the effort? What will it accomplish if you do confront her? If I were you, I'd ignore it. If she brings it up, just thank her for caring so much about you (try to hide the sarcasm) and change the subject. If she won't shut her trap, ask her to keep you in her prayers. That works every time.

    Just some things to think about...


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