Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 246

I'll admit it.

I've been slacking in the exercise department.

To make up for this gross breach of New Year Resolution, I have resolved to run/walk/jog for 30 minutes every single day until Zee lands and is in my arms for her leave.

If I am to accomplish this goal, I have to use my apartment's sad excuse for a "gym." It's a tiny little room with three machines, a pad, and NO VENTILATION.

I suffered through it yesterday, and today came prepared with my own personal space fan. It worked literal wonders.

However, it seems the stuffy air was more than inconvenient yesterday - it was harmful as well.

When I ante'd up to a full run (i.e. jog), I couldn't get a full breath. My lungs hurt.

My sore lungs could only handle five minutes of running, so I speed-walked the rest of my exercise on a steep-ish incline.

I still feel like a wuss.

Zee has also been slacking on her workouts. Bad little soldier!! ;)

But she is now making a strong, soldierly effort to get back in shape. She's even going bed earlier (thereby cutting our chatting time short) so she can go running before doing whatever it is she does throughout the day.

It makes me happy to know, by her own admission, that she's determined to get shape so she can be teh uber-sexiness for me on her leave.

:D I love loving a girl - this one most of all.

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  1. Maybe her and B-man should be working out together because he keeps telling me that he is slacking off in the exercise department too.


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