Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 243

Inp goodp newsp myp keyboardp isp kindap workingp again.

Inp badp news,p it'sp gotp somep quirksp sop I'llp stillp needp top rep lacep it.

Wh6eneverp IP p ressp th6ep "sp acep bar,"p itp givesp mep ap "p ."p Wh6eneverp Ip p ressp "p "p itp givesp mep ap "sp ace."

"H^"p givesp mep ap "h6."p Andp vice-versa.

Deletep givesp mep ap p eriod.

"K"p inp th6ep lowercasep makesp myp browserp gop top ap f4ullp screen.

"L"p inp microsof4tp wordp p ullsp up p th6ep "save"p op tion.

"F$"p givesp mep ap "f4."p Andp vice-versa.

Ip can'tp p ressp andp h6oldp th6ep backsp acep button,p andp myp righ6tp sh6if4tp onlyp worksp with6p somep of4p th6ep letters.

Th6isp h6asp madep myp typ ingp exp eriencep very....p interesting.


In good news my keyboard is kinda working again.

In bad news, it's got some quirks so I'll still need to replace it.

Whenever I press the "space bar," it gives me a "p." Whenever I press "p," it gives me a "space."

"H" gives me a "6." And vice-versa.

Delete gives me a period.

"K" in the lowercase makes my browser go to a full screen.

"L" in microsoft word pulls up the "save" option.

"F" gives me a "4." And vice-versa.

I can't press and hold the backspace button, and my right shift only works with some of the letters.

This has made my typing experience very.... interesting.


  1. oh my goodness!! I totally tried to read the unedited part!! I sure felt like a fool when I scrolled down and saw the edited version!!
    Oh and I'm sorry about your keyboard! So lame.

  2. I shouldn't giggle, but I kinda did.

    Sorry about your keyboard :(


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