Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 227

Ok. I’m feeling better. Like, not flu-like anymore. I’m still playing it safe, but I’m extremely grateful for my kick-ass immune system!

This past weekend my mother discovered a treasure trove of family photos in my grandmother’s closet, and it was so much fun going through all these ancient photographs and memories. We even found a picture of my grandmother when she was in the first grade! And there was a postcard in the mix that was written 99 years ago!

Like I said – So much fun. There were a lot of relatives we didn’t know, and some we had only sketchy memories of, but mom was able to piece all of it together. Hannah and I would try our best to make guesses and family connections, but we mostly failed. Mom has resolved to put together a family scrapbook for us.

One of the coolest parts was seeing our ancestors playing in the front yard of the same house we live in. And one of the best parts was discovering photos of ourselves.

So I’m going to share a couple with you of yours truly.

Because with my birthday in just a few days, it only seems appropriate.

And also…

Because I was such a damn cute kid!

You know you want to pinch those cheeks and cuddle that chubby, baby body.IMAG0295

My favorite thing about Baby Me is that my facial expressions haven’t changed one bit. Here is my CHEEEEESE grin:IMAG0302

Oh yeah – I’m a goober and made for the camera.IMAG0301

This is just a pretty photo. I would love to blow this up to poster size.IMAG0299

Hahahahaha – Yes, I’m on the toilet, but that’s beside the point. This was my grandparent’s bathroom when I was growing up. This is the house my mother grew up in. I was always fascinated by all the bizarre and antique things in there, like my grandfather’s shaving lather. The whole room smelled weird, like something old but clean. Anyways, what amuses me is that this is clearly a demonstration of my love of books – even before I could fully read, I was trying to read, no matter the time or place.


This picture is all about the expression.


Let me Clarify:

baby kindle edit

Hahaha, oh, Baby Kindle, you are precious. I kiss you from the future.


  1. Oh my gosh, baby Kindle was super cute!!!
    I love the last picture!! The facial expression SERIOUSLY made me laugh!

  2. OMG that picture is hilarious! For the record, I burned the pics my sister took of me on the toilet. Granted, I was 9 years old when she took them...

    (found you through milspouse roundup)


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