Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 272

I'll go ahead and tell you something you probably already know. This is a picture that every lesbian knows and - secretly - loves. Even a hardened Lesbian Stereotype Hater as myself has to admit she loves this picture.

We can't help it.
I am so happy with the response I've gotten so far, but there's still time left to ask your questions about lezzzzbians!

Do YOU have a question for the Lesbian of Love??

Please don't assume that the question you are itching to ask will show up!

The Lesbian of Lovemight have to resort to made up questions such as
"Do lesbians wear socks??"

So search deep within yourself for any unanswered queries leftover from a lifetime of purely straight exposure! Tell your friends about the Lesbian of Love and see if they have a burning need for Lesbian Knowledge!

We'll go ahead and give you a freebie.
These girls are not lesbians.
But we wish they were.

Ahem. Ok. Back to "normal" stuff.

Hello to new followers! Thank you for joining me! Usually I'm not so GAYINYOURFACE, but the season of love brings it out of me. I'm actually just a normal(-ish) girl who just so happens to find the ladies bangable. One girl in particular - my Zee.

Speaking of Zee, we were discussing calendars today and yesterday, and we realized two things.

1. We are halfway to the halfway mark of this deployment! In other words - We are 1/4 FINISHED. Yessssss.

2.Apparently it is time to start discussing holidays. Not in the set-plans-in-stone kind of way. More in the how-do-you-feel-about-this kind of way.

This "holiday" discussion is completely new to me.

Now, I haven't had a plethora of relationships. In fact, "plethora" would be a ridiculous and obscene exaggeration.

But I did have one relationship that spanned through three holiday seasons.

Not once did I have even the slightest desire to discuss sharing holidays. Looking back, this might have been a sign that the relationship wasn't working - i.e. not progressing at all. Can a relationship work in retrograde? Because that would be far more applicable.

Granted - the gay thing (sorry to bring back up again, ladies) does play a huge factor in this. When your SO's family would rather you didn't exist, it makes things complicated.

Which is something we'll have to deal with in regards to Zee's family. Her mom knows about me, and that knowledge produces instant waterworks. No one else knows, and until Zee tells her father and other important family members, we can't firmly decide how these holidays are going to work.

But for the first time in my life, I would be totally fine with spending my holidays away from my family, if only I can be with Zee.

In fact, I find it very hard to imagine not spending my holidays with her, especially when you consider she will have just gotten back from deployment.

So, we'll have to see.

Maybe she'll come out to her dad and company, and they'll say "...uh...what?"

And I'll show up at Thanksgiving to be treated like an alien. "Oh, so you are Zee's... friend, yes? How nice..." as they wander away from me wide-eyed and frightened.

When I catch Zee's eye from across the room, she'll give me a smile that says, "I'm sorry and I love you just for being here." And I'll know that smile is just for me, so I'll send a smile back that says, "I love you and your family. This will just take time.

Now let's eat."


  1. Please forgive me for going on my soapbox for a sec but Jesus, people need to not get their panties in a bunch if someone is gay/lesbian. Were all human and we all have the right to love and be loved, whether it'd be by a man or a woman! You and your Zee deserve to have a wonderful holiday just as much as any other straight couple and I hope you two do without any family drama getting in the way! :)

  2. I appreciate your support. :)

    I have only ever met people as kind and as supportive of equality as you, and yet...

    It's usually families we struggle with the most. It's easy enough to be supportive, until it affects your own family. -_-

    Luckily for us, my family loves Zee. :) So we have at least one family we can have holidays with - stress-free.

    And, again, thank you again for your kind words. :)


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