Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 260

I like round numbers.


Even numbers make me happy.

Because you need balance in life.

To this end, I have four lucky numbers - two even numbers and two odd numbers.

12, 6, 3, 25

Zee FINALLY got her Valentine's Package. She called and woke me up this morning, so that I could watch her open it on Skype. :) Almost felt like Christmas.

In her gift, the Pièce de résistance was the calendar I ordered off of Vistaprint. It was beaaauuuuuuuuuuutiful! I kinda hate myself for not taking photos of it while it was in my possession.

I titled the calendar "I am the Sun, and the Moon is my Betrothed," which is a quote that Zee, understandably, didn't recognize.

She said, "I really like this title. Where did you get it?"

So I grabbed my journal off my bedside table, and read to her what I wrote just a couple months before I moved to Nashville.

I shared it with her when we first started dating, and, at that time, it occurred to me that the prose I had written before I'd ever met her was perfect for the two of us.

I am like the sun - brazen, fiery, openly passionate.

She is like the moon - subtle, constant, silently seductive.

It helps that I prefer the summer, the sun, the heat. And she has an affinity for the night and dark that's interestingly impressive.

As I lay in my bed, her face a million miles away now sitting so closely with me on my computer, I read this prose-y essay to her. I realized, at that time, the poem-thing also perfectly describes our separation - this year where, when I'm in the day, she's in the night.

I am the sun, and the moon is my betrothed.

She calls to me - a siren that reaches down past my vocal chords
into my gut
pulling forth some ethereal thing
and drawing it nearer to her.

I think it's called a song...

I forgive the invasion as she smiles
coyly from behind a cloud.

Her glow is like ice on my skin,
and I welcome it.

She ducks behind behind a screen, laughing
as clouds begin an intricate dance around her,
revealing glimpses of glorious flesh,
here and there...

I want only to be there with her -
warming her -
to produce
colors the world has only dreamed of.

I stand enraptured.

She blows me a kiss of what can never be
as she steps out from the clouds
to show her beautiful form -
wondrous in its nakedness.

Beyond compare.
Beyond reach.

With a final, tortuous adieu,
she falls asleep
under the blanket of the sky.

Leaving me with only
of my betrothed,
my beloved,
my mesmerizing tease.

I burn for her.

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