Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 253

Nashville is paranoid. Trembling on the edge of the couch, fretfully looking out the window every five minutes paranoid.

Ever since that big ole nasty flood last May, Nashville gets downright skittish around rain.

So, right now, we have some rain going on. It's been raining off and on since this morning. It's mostly in Kentucky, though.


Poor Kentucky.

I’m not worried, however. I love the rain, I love the sound, I love the lightening, I love the thunder.

I even love how the power flickers as I type into my laptop, content in the knowledge that the battery is fully charged.

So the rest of Nashville can bite their nails off with worry, cancel all their plans, buy out the stores, and issue a million unnecessary flood warnings and tornado watches.

I’m going to be paranoid about other things.

Like facial hair.

Not in general. Just one disturbing tale my sister told me the other day.

Now, I have only three hairs I worry about:


One on my chinny-chin-chin.


One on my cheek, oddly enough.


And one persistent little nose hair that likes to stick out further than my nose knows how to handle.

The other day, my sister walked into the bathroom, discovering me at my beauty work. I tweezed out that horrible little nose hair, and Hannah cringed.

“Please promise me you’ll never do that again,” she said.

“Uh… why?” I asked.

Hannah proceeded to tell me a horrifying story where tweezing nose hairs can lead to follicle infections that can SPREAD TO YOUR BRAIN.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Why has this not been talked about before??

I did some googling (or in my case nowadays, Swagbucking), and sure enough, there are a couple forums and websites that say, Yes, tweezing nose hairs can lead to infection!

“Tweezing your ear hair is a good alternative but don't tweeze your nose hair. There is a high occurence of infection associated with plucking nose hairs. There is a lot of bacteria in your nasal passage.”


“Do not tweeze nose hairs, as this can cause infection.”


Ok, so maybe neither are the most reliable sources, but still! I’ve found more than a few places saying that this is not a good thing.


I think I may still continue tweezing. …I don’t know.

Worth the risk?


Two Random Things:

1) I just got some more swagbucks for searching the links to post in here about tweezing nose hairs, bringing me to 455 total! Time to get another $5 gift card! If you want to join the fun, please click the little banners I have on either side of my blog!

2) This picture makes me laugh.



  1. Tweezing/waxing/shaving anywhere can theoretically cause infection, since you're opening up the skin to creepy crawlies. MRSA (that drug-resistant staph all over the news) hangs out in the nose so yes, it could definitely get infected and in a bad way. I actually got an infection on MY FACE from plucking (I have PCOS and that gives me stupid embarrassing gross hair ughhhh!) and I wanted to die haha. It involved doctors slicing my jawline with a scalpel, lots of antibiotics, and lame stories about how I had "fallen" when people wondered why I had a stupid bandaid on my face.

    I'd say trim the nose hair, and if you do anything to another area of your face, wash your hands well, clean your tweezers with a Lysol wipe or something, and avoid idly touching your face at all costs. I was in an apartment with 3 other nursing students and I probably wasn't careful enough and picked up the grossness someone brought home from clinicals.

    Hahaha nobody even knows this story and I just put it on the internet. But for real. Nobody needs an infection on their face (or in their brain).

  2. tweezing nosehairs just sounds sooooooo painful!! And holy crap, i never knew it could lead to infection. Odd.

  3. Wwwwooooooooooooowww, thank you so much, Beckie! I seriously have had no idea about this. I don't think I've ever done anything more than wipe my tweezers off with a tissue. :-/ Well, THAT'S gonna change. I'm terrified of MRSA, since I've been hearing about it eeeeeeeverywhere.

    And, yeah, Amber, nose-tweezing makes your eyes water and your nose twinge, but it's not terrible. However, if I got a nose infection and had to chop my nose off, I'd hate my life permanently.

    Stopping now!


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