Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 257

I agree - I've been needing to recharge. I need to quit stressing and just enjoy life, and not worry about how well I'm doing on my goals. I am pursuing them, and that should be enough - even if I'm not making as much progress as I'd hoped.

In other news, I have added a link to my Lesbian of Love posts! Look to the right of this page, under my Tweeetah Feed. Who knows, maybe I'll continue to receive questions! But for now, you have a quick click to the answers of all your burning questions about lezbians. Rejoice!

But today I want to talk about something special.

Mine and Zee's Nine Months together is fast approaching.

I know, I know - Nine Months. Big deal, right?

Still, it has me thinking, because 9 is just a few numbers away from 12.

So today I want to talk about how Zee and I met.

In "MilSpouse World" I suppose it's typical to call it "Our Story."

We met....

(get ready)

....on Craigslist.

Oh yeah. We are mind-blowingly classy like that.

Once upon a time, Kindle had just moved to Nashville. It was a brash move, made out of a desperation to get away from a city she'd spent far too much time in. She arrived the day before the Middle Tennessee Floods of 2010, and there were no jobs in sight.

Being mindful of not wasting too much gas, she browsed for job postings on craigslist every single day, every few hours, clicking every potential advertisement. In between these searches, she would browse through the personals.

Because they're so damn funny.

Seriously, personal ads will lift your mood no matter what. And a good mood is what poor, jobless, bored Kindle was needing.

After days of Craiglisting, an idea began to form in Kindle's mind.

More of a joke, really.

What if she wrote the most honest and rude Craigslist personal ever? What if she put together a post that listed her faults and made strong demands of others? Because usually a personal is when the seeker glosses over their personality and asks only for love. What sort of response would an opposite sort of post receive?

Kindle consulted with her friend, Spargo, and the post was born.

You - chill. Me - magic. - 23

Date: 2010-05-20, 12:40AM CDT

Reply To This Post

Me --

Looking for significance. Not love. Love would be great, but is unrealistic.

Narcissistic - truly, madly, deeply.

Judgmental - I laugh at people. A lot. Probably my favorite thing to do. I laugh at craigslist personals. I laugh at people on the street and how they dress. I laugh at laughs, snorts, attitudes, stupidity, and drunks.

Geeky - own a small library + star wars + star trek + cartoons + fantasy + pirates + "insert fandom here"

I also laugh at geeks.

Intelligent - I'm no genius, but, damn, if you're stupid, I can't deal.

Oxymoron - everything I am, I could also claim the exact opposite. It's for you to figure out.

You --

Soft butch.


Accomplished - or at least going somewhere.

No dogs. If you have a dog, it'd better be a gift from God that I am spiritually obligated to endure.

Fit. By fit, I mean you take care of yourself. By take care of yourself, I mean when you start to put on a pound, you go for a run, because you actually want to live a long, healthy life. And because you enjoy being attractive.

Cultural. You enjoy new things, new places, new adventures.

I want a picture, because compatibility without attraction is just a friendship. Put MAGIC in the subject line of your email if you're interested.

Now somewhere out in this vast universe

(*ahem* Clarksville)

Zee was suffering from a similar form of boredom. Her main group of friends had deployed ahead of her, and she found herself wondering what she should do.

For some reason, craigslist was the solution.

In retrospect, this honestly surprises Kindle. She has yet to witness Zee visiting craiglist, for any sort of purpose. Why this one time she would browse craiglist is beyond understanding.

Call it Fate.

Zee happened upon Kindle's post, and, of course, was instantly blown away by this gorgeous, saucy vixen who was openly bitchy and arrogant.

She most likely thought something along the lines of, "Damn, I'm in love."

She wasted no time in sending a response.

Subject: MAGIC

On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Zee wrote:


Chill-- check.

Soft butch-- in personality if not in looks

Assertive.- check.

Going somewhere in life-- check.

No dog-- check.

Fit-- check.

Cultural-- check.

Most of the descriptions you used for yourself could most probably describe me.

Hopeless romantic, but pessimistic.

Narcissistic- maybe not so blatantly

Judgmental- again, maybe not so blatantly

Geeky- I am a geek (fantasy, wow, xena), but I don't associate with geeks

Intelligent- I can't stand stupid people

Oxymoron- in many, many ways.


It was simple, to the point, and she followed the specifications Kindle had laid out in her post! (The Army is good for training people to follow orders...)

And the picture she sent was a teaser, but alluring.

Kindle immediately replied.

Zee was the only response she replied to.

They emailed the rest of the evening and late into the night, ending with Zee giving Kindle her number...

The next day was full of texting, ending with promise for a date on the very next day...

So there was Sunday, May 23, in downtown Nashville. Only two days after hearing that Zee existed in the world, Kindle was heading out on a date with her. Family and friends were aware, just in case Zee ended up being a creeper.

In fact, Kindle almost didn't go to the date. She had anxiously torn through sixteen different outfits, applied her make-up with the utmost care, and driven 30 minutes into the heart of Nashville, and almost chickened out.

After all, this was crazy.

Meeting with someone you found on craigslist? Only white trash and hornballs do that.


But Kindle's honesty won out. She had said she would meet this Zee on Sunday evening, and she planned to keep that promise.

She walked to the meeting point and sat on a bench, chatting on the phone with a friend. She was trying to keep her nerves down, keeping an eye out for anyone who matched Zee's picture, while trying to look cool, calm, casual, and utterly unflappable.

And there she was. Unmistakeable. Long black hair, a shy smile, and a purposeful stride.

The evening was spent in a typical way. Restaurant and then a few drinks afterwards. They talked for hours, walking the streets and hopping into bars. Knowing that Zee had to be up early for work, Kindle headed them back to their cars, but as they neared the parking lot, Zee stopped.

"You said you go in late tomorrow, right?" she asked.

"That's right."

Zee grabbed Kindle's hand and turned them back towards the city.

"Then I want to hear more of your stories," she replied.

Kindle's heart pounded.

They ended up in a hookah bar, and they talked for an hour or so more. Topics covered everything, even the type of families they wanted to have in the future.

Now, Kindle is not a smoker. She has done hookah, but only ever in a large group. She's never had the opportunity to inhale so much at once.

She started feeling sick.

Kindle and Zee made it back to their cars, and were sharing the idle chatter of an ending night. This is usually where first kisses are exchanged and arrangements for the next date are made. But if you could have peaked into Kindle's mind at this moment, you would have heard,

"Oh god, I hope she doesn't try to kiss me. Please don't try and kiss me. I am going to puke. I don't want to puke in your mouth. Oh god, please don't try to kiss me."

Oh, yes, fighting back stomach spasms and bile in her throat, Kindle magnificently held her green gills in their place and managed a normal (although kiss-free) ending to a wonderful date.

And on the drive home, she spoke with her friend Spargo, who had helped orchestrate this entire affair.

"So, what do you think?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," Kindle said. "But I definitely will be seeing her again."


  1. That is AWESOME. Simply awesome. Happy almost 1 year!

  2. Congratulations!! I met my husband May 20th of 2010!! I guess it was a great month for lovers! :) hehehe Loved the story!

  3. Julie - haha, thanks. :) Like I said, we're super classy...

    Adrienne - Glad you enjoyed our story! It has been a joy to retell due to it's very unusual nature. And, yeah, May should be National Fall In Love Month... April gets too much Springtime cred.


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