Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 264

I'm back and better than ever!

Yes, I do apologize for my disappearing act due to exhaustion yesterday.

But after a full night's sleep and almost four hours of

Sunday Skype Date

with Zee, I am feeling refreshed and ready to kick some question's ass.

With that said, let's not wait any longer for theeeee.....

Final Lesbian of Love!!!
(for now)

Still wish they were gay...

First Question of the Day:
Why do some lesbians want women who look and act like men? Why not just date men?

Well, you know how some men are straight but effeminate?

And you know how girls can fall in love with them?

Then you could ask them the same question:

"If you like an effeminate man, why not be with a woman?"

The true answer to that question is the fact that GENDER and SEXUALITY are two practically non-related things.

You can be very much a lesbian, and be very much feminine.

You can be very much a lesbian, and be androgynous.

You can be very much a lesbian, and be very masculine.

These same three states apply equally to all four sexualities:
heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual

What determines the physical body you are attracted to is fairly straightforward.

You like boobies, you like pecs, or you like both.

Or you like none.

But when it comes to which GENDER you like, I personally believe it gets a little more complicated than that.

It's my opinion that genders attract like the yin and yang. You want light with dark, hard with soft, feminine with masculine.

Feminine With Masculine.
Not Female with Male.

We get this male/female ideal because of an idea that is perpetuated in our society. Heck, it's been passed down through the centuries.

If you have a female body, you must be feminine.

If you have a female body, you must be attracted to men.

If you are masculine, you are attracted to girls.

If you have a male body, you must be masculine.

Now obviously, this is soooooooo not true, on any level.

But I do believe that if you identify yourself as feminine (regardless of your body), you are more innately attracted to a masculine personality. This is where true balance lies in relationships. Not in the male/female, plug-the-hole kind of way.

And with this in mind, you can mix and match gender and sexuality as much as you like.

Remember Betty from The Rugrats? Phil & Lil's Mom?

She's definitely a masculine, heterosexual female. To balance her, she needs a feminine, heterosexual male.

Enter Howard, Phil & Lil's Dad.

Polar gender identity + Identical Sexual Orientation + Appropriate Body = Compatibility.

More or less.

It even applies to me and Zee.

Similar sexual orientation, appropriate bodies for our orientation, and complementing gender identities allow us to have a fully compatible relationship.
this topic is something I've thought a lot about and have done some reading into. Because of my passion for the subject, I know if I go any longer, I'll inadverdently make this blog the most long-winded in history. So I'll stop here.

I'll pretend you're thanking me for sparing you.

Question Dos:
Can lesbians have sex on their periods?

No one that I can think of has ever actually asked me this question.

But I always know you're wondering it.

So I'll go ahead and answer it.


It's simply a matter of mathematics.

You and your Lady Lover are not going to always sync up.

Each period lasts about a week.

Each month.

That's, at worse, two weeks out of the month where someone is on their period.

Can you go without sex for two weeks each month?


Ok, obviously we can and do. Stupid deployments.

But do you like going two weeks without sex??

So Lesbians still have sex.

Sometimes there are unspoken rules. Such as, no fingering because I have a stupid tampon shoved up my innermost parts.

But I've known some lesbians who were more than comfortable - once flow was light enough, I suppose - to go sans tampon and have sex as usual.

I personally have never ventured into that particular world of exploration, but, depending on how bad I was jonesing for some serious loving, I could see myself bending my own personal unspoken rules.

Also, I once had an entire call center weirded out with this one statement.

And it amused me then.

And it will still amuse me now.

Yes, we do still go down on each other, even when we're on our respective periods.

Gross out if you will, but I promise it's not blood and guts like you're imagining.

But if you're grossed out, then I've done my job and I'm very, very, very happy.

I'm immature like that.

I hope I have adequately answered your questions. :)

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