Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 209

First, I want to say big THANK YOU to Erin at Every Branch for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to me. Love, love, love, love. :)

Since I've already done the rounds for all my styyyylishhhhhness, forgive me if I don't do them again.

So, I know that everyone has been super freaked out about the government shut-down and the potential loss of pay. I also know that everyone is super relieved that didn't happen. Awesome.

Personally, I didn't worry one bit.

I have had bigger things to worry about.

"Bigger" is an inappropriate term, but it's what I have to work with right now.

What are these problems??




I have been freaking BREAK-OUT CITY over here (and considering my high school horrors with acne, this is no small thing), and I'm terrified that my body will for once want to stick to a cycle and gush while I'm trying to get my freak on.

I remember that I said once that lesbians will have sex, even while on their periods.


This is not preferred.

Especially for reunion sex.

Please, God, Moon, Body, Womankind - love me and slow this cycle. Let me have my week with Zee.

(I don't think God, the Moon, my Body, or Womankind is listening...)


  1. Ahh sending non-menstrual vibes your way!

    I'm supposed to start THE DAY MY PLANE LEAVES. So I get to travel for 24 hours with cramps and bleeding to death. And then it will last for 8-9 days because I have PCOS AND an IUD, both of which make me have godawful periods. FML.

    TMI? Yes. Hahahaha

  2. Stop stressing (which is impossible, I know). Those pimples are from stress and the fact you are might be getting your period. Invest in some time with Pandora and set the channel to Zen Garden and relax. It's what I do.

    I will send good vibes your way though!

  3. Just started following your blog!

    Damn those periods...

  4. I'm doing an anti flow dance for you. It's much akin to a anti-rain dance, but much more useful for you ;-)

  5. Periods... they sure know how to fuck with a schedule.

  6. I giggled a lot. For shame.

    My husband is due back for R&R soon and my body has decided to be complete erratic even though I'm on birth control.

    Reunion sex + menstration = awful.

    Sending good juju your way :}

  7. geesh, i feel ya on the breakout things. super sucks!


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