Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 215

I realize I'm so close to seeing Zee again.

That beautiful, wonderful fact does not negate, however, what I'm feeling now.

I'm upset.

I'm upset and I need a place to vent.

But I can't do that here.

Stupid Privacy and Stupid Respecting Other People's Right To It.

So I need Zee to call me.

I just need her to Skype me so I can tell her exactly why I'm upset.


I dropped my car off at a garage tonight to have some maintenance done tomorrow.

I left my phone in my car.

I realized this after I already dropped my keys in the slot.

Oh yeah.

I'm pouting.


  1. That is just about the cutest picture I've ever seen and it reminds me of one of my kitties, Ranger. She's orange and fuzzy :p I hope your week gets better!


  2. Boo! I hope things get better.

    And if you can't get ahold of Zee, you can always Facebook/e-mail/anything me. I'll keep quiet.

    In fact, if you want my number, you may have it. Haha


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